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The Potbank Dictionary defines and explains those peculiar words used in the potbanks of the north Staffordshire Potteries

Here are those strange and special terms, such as saggar makers bottom knocker, wedging, and ginneter that were, at one time, very common in the north Staffordshire Potteries. 

The dictionary of over 10,000 terms, explains and demystifies the peculiar words and phrases collected during a lifetime in potbanks.

Most are quite common but some are specific to a particular factory. Others are quite technical. Much of the language is dying out as potbanks (pottery factories) close, skills are lost and manufacturing methods change. 

This is not an academic work but it is factual and in places it's rather quirky! Established in 1976 by Terry Woolliscroft and constantly updated. Archived by The British Library.

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